The Bible and The Law of Attraction


Did you know that your life is a book and you are the author? Sure, there are some predetermined pages, but you are the one who writes the script for each one.

Why wait for doors to open for you when you can open them yourself? Why sit around and wait for things to improve in your life or for opportunities to show up when you YOURSELF can make them happen?

You have an amazing capacity to create your own circumstance. Your mind is an amazing place filled with incredible power and potential to change your situation.

Miracles will no longer be uncommon for you! In fact, they will become so common that you will no longer see them as miracles, but as the new norm.

The treasure is inside of you and I will help you find it!

To know more about how to find this treasure, read my life-changing book, The Treasure In You: What the Bible Says about the Law of Attraction. 

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