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Attention Stock Investors:

Make Safe & Profitable Returns…Consistently

Discover and invest in money-making stocks with our transparent company rating system, stock screening, and deep fundamental analysis tools.

The BTMA (Beat The Market) Stock Analyzer is the only tool that combines a speedy stock screener, deep fundamental analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and a stock picker all in one.

This product’s greatest strength is the huge amount of time it will save you.

When other investors are hesitating by spending weeks grazing over endless data and individually comparing stocks, you will be able to analyze the entire S&P 500 and the thousands of US-traded stocks with the click of a button. And the Analyzer will directly tell you a handful of the best stocks to buy.

Best of all, your investment decisions will be 100% based on fact; you will be confident and ready to take action while other investors are still waiting with an uncertainty of which stock to buy


For every month from the year 2000 to present day, the BTMA analysis system has beaten the market over 85% of the time.

In the next section below, you can see how the BTMA compared VS. the S&P 500.

The BTMA Stock Analyzer is offered at 2 affordable option plans:


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