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My name is Rebeca and I am the shop owner at Rebeca’s Beautiful Things. I am a devoted mother of three, and a high school science teacher. I find beauty in the simple things, beginning with our inner-self, as well as in people and our surroundings.

I love all things beautiful!

When I was very little, my mother used to make beautifully crocheted placemats, sweaters, cute hats, and baby boots. She and I used to play “seamstress” with my dolls and she would teach me how to sew new clothes for them. I remember the feeling of admiration and adulation that I had towards my mother because she was the most creative person I ever knew. Since then, I have invested time and skill into my techniques and have even discovered a few more creative abilities in the process.

This creative bug that I’ve had since childhood has been fed by my love and passion for beautiful things. I love seeing beauty in the simple and practical things of life. I love seeing the beauty in people and in all of creation. I love feeling beautiful and making other people feel beautiful, as well. So, Rebeca’s Beautiful Things was birthed, out of my desire to apply my handcrafting skills and techniques to my love and passion for all things beautiful.

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