God and Science

The War between Science and Religion

It appears to be a widely accepted opinion that there exists a never-ending conflict between science and religion. Since the inception of documented scientific research, such as that of Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution,  as well as the birth of advanced technology, the interpretations that have been given to gathered evidence have caused a drastic divide between the Church and the Scientific communities.

As scientific discoveries have been made throughout the years, scientists have historically questioned the validity of religion. They have expressed religion to be nothing more than a type of folklore that has been passed down from one generation to another for thousands of years. 

On the other hand, due to the total negation of the sacred scriptures by the scientific community, which have been used as the foundation and establishment of nations throughout the centuries, the Church has generally responded negatively to scientific discoveries, despite being supported by substantial amounts of evidence.

In essence, the church and science have been at war for many years. However, these conflicting views are mainly due to the misunderstandings and excessive zeal expressed by both sides.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility of peaceful coexistence and syncretism between both sides, as both are invaluable to each other and are in no way mutually exclusive.

Both the scientific and religious communities are capable of synchronizing as long as each concedes to the other’s authority in their separate spheres of knowledge, which are that of matter and facts for science, and that of spirit and moral values for religion.

Science and the Spiritual Realm already coexist

In no way does science disprove the existence of God or does God disprove the facts of science. The entire argument that one side contradicts the other is idiocy. On the contrary, both sides complement each other entirely and purely.

Science can be used to express the magnificence and wonders of God’s creative power, as well as the amazing potential of man, who was created in God’s own image. 

People will use any excuse to be at war with one another

Unfortunately, human beings have the tendency to use any excuse to war against each other. However, what makes people fall into these misconceptions is not their theories, but the intention of their hearts.

The same argument applies to religion and spirituality. It is said that both conflict and contradict one another, as one is based on restrictive laws and sets of rules, while the other on the spiritual freedom and connection to God.  Consequently, several denominations have appeared throughout the centuries that have leaned toward one side or the other, yet almost never falling in the middle.

This is just another example of how two groups of people can choose to put their own zeal and misunderstandings above the other, and combat against each other by using something holy and true as a weapon for division. 

The fact is that the laws in the Bible do not disprove spirituality, nor does the Spirit of God disprove or disown the law. Both work together to make us all holy and pure, so we could abide in God and receive all of the blessings that go with being close to Him.

The argument that religious laws and spirituality are two separate entities is just as foolish as saying that one must choose a side.

How could one have religion without the spiritual component that goes along with it? And how could one be spiritual without abiding by a set of laws? 

Likewise, it is impossible to separate science and religion, as both work together for our own good to make us whole and happy.

God’s power and miracles are real, as they have been experienced by countless people for thousands of years.

Many of these spiritual experiences have taken place in the presence of many witnesses and have been documented with evidence.  Furthermore, these supernatural occurrences can also be explained using physical, mathematical and scientific evidence, as well.

Understanding and accepting both the supernatural and the natural explanations of life will give us the advantage over the enemy of our minds and souls, as well as the evil that he brings to this Earth.

Let’s not be ignorant. The Bible says that without knowledge, the people perish.

Let’s take advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge that both the scientific and religious communities have to offer, and finally attain the holistic mind that God intended for humankind since the very beginning.  

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